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  1. Easy Typewriter effect/animation with Javascript

    Published in Code, Javascript

    Add a cool typewriter effect/animation to your design with this one simple native Javascript snippet. (As seen on the home page)

  2. React/Preact hook: usePersistedStore

    Published in Code

    Persist any data in your application in localStorage between tabs and windows in real time via this great hook I wrote.

  3. React/Preact hook: useEventListener

    Published in Code

    Safely bind to DOM events in your components via this great hook I wrote.

  4. Load a specific image depending on light/dark mode

    Published in Code, Html

    You've implemented dark mode on your site, great! However, now you've found yourself stuck with a lot of images that may or may not fit into your overall design. No need to whip out that JavaScript - there's a native solution already built into HTML - `<picture>` tags.

  5. Deploy to Netlify via GitHub actions and "$ave Dat Money"

    Published in Code, Github Actions

    I've recently moved away from hosting my own site on a VPS to hosting it on Netlify, and since I'm such a cheap guy - I don't want to constantly waste my free build minutes (of which you only get 300) with every small push I make. GitHub actions to the rescue!

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