Using Styled components with Preact

You've found yourself using Preact for your project, and now you've decided you must have Styled Components. How do you do that? This article will hopefully answer your questions.

Load a specific image depending on light/dark mode

You've implemented dark mode on your site, great! However, now you've found yourself stuck with a lot of images that may or may not fit into your overall design. No need to whip out that JavaScript - there's a native solution already built into HTML - `` tags.

Using Angular CLI with Laravel

Using Laravel with the latest Angular doesn't seem quite straightforward to achieve, but, with the help of this article, you too can use the latest and greatest Angular within your Laravel app without any complex setup.

Deploy to Netlify via GitHub actions and "$ave Dat Money"

I've recently moved away from hosting my own site on a VPS to hosting it on Netlify, and since I'm such a cheap guy - I don't want to constantly waste my free build minutes (of which you only get 300) with every small push I make. GitHub actions to the rescue!